Solo-show exhibition ‘ Sketch-in me’



Sep 3rd – Sep 30th 2011

Artpotheek Gallery. Brussels, Belgium

In the exhibition “Sketch-in me” we see a selection of paintings and drawings from the last year. The abstract works of Cristina Mur drives you into subtlety and rotundity, showing the observer whereas to think the art piece as an explotion of emotions or as a balanced life, always with vivid colors, rythm and vibrancy in her strokes.

She shows us an evolution within her characteristic spontaneity; without stopping, she stops to get into a constructive process. This reflects an inner need of driving her art onto more concrete messages despite her abstract lenguage. Also she starts susbtracting lines, colors and every aspect she is willing to left aside in order to start a new sinthetizing path.

As an example she arrived into the “Balance” drawing after proposing formulas, guiding directions, step by step movements, complex grids, trial and error stroks. In it she found layers of experiences that set up an horizontal stage where she can lay, at least for a while, until breaking through another discovery.

But before this, she has been chaordically narrating her past year in the “Spring” series, willing to germinate new ideas for her and for the others. The artist usually plays with the artwork´s titles, in a way, like a reminder of her personal diary.

Behind these explanation, with her newest artwork “Construct your own world”, the artist might invite us to concrete and pack our dreams into a pandora box, which would be open when needed to be open, by whom wants to open it.

The solo-show exhibition Sketch-in me´s oppening is on September 3th at 20:00hrs in Artpotheek Gallery at Rue Pletinckx, 60 1000 Bruxelles and will be open until September 30th.