Artist Statement

Balance is everything.
I carry out a constant search to reach fullness, the union of heaven and earth. When the two meet on the horizon, it reaches the centre of my being: a state of conscientiousness where I connect with myself.

My fascination with beauty contributes to appreciating the most simple to the most exhuberant.
I live with passion and I give in to my feelings. I consider myself to be strong in my beliefs and true to myself. I believe in the wisdom of nature, in people and their potential, and in the unconditional sharing of values with those I form relationships with.

I feel free when I maintain a conversation with art.
I speak of universal topics, built into the human race as the meaning of life. I am looking for absolute truths that allow me to fit the pieces of the puzzle together to reach the unique truth. I obtain subtle or blunt responses, always full of emotion.

The work is intuitive and instinctive.
A discovery every day, an anecdote or a feeling which comes from deep down and travels through my body until it comes out and reaches the paper. I am a pure expression, curious and restless.

My work is autobiographic and spontaneous.
It is a game of to-and-fro, where my intention is to draw and the outcome is the response bearing its own message. In this way, the creative process becomes playful and revealing.

My language is abstract drawing, on paper or canvas.
Oil, acrylic, pastel-oil, pencil, charcoal are used and leave their mark behind. The strokes are free, fast movements guided from within that reflect my thoughts, feelings and mood.

The work is poetic with an air of hedonism, where the everyday becomes beautiful, where a halo opens the pathway to romance. And above all, there is room to play.