Solo­-show exhibition ‘No limits’



20 TH July – ­ 30 TH October 2015

Pago de Capellanes Winery & Rodrigo Juarranz Gallery. Pedrosa del Duero, Spain

“No limits” is her latest work (2015) where her performance in the Noche de Ronda (in Aranda de Duero) gave birth to a larger sized canvass…breaking away from limiting canvasses and using them as a metaphor of freedom. The main theme of the event was a performance of her painting “live” before the crowds. For a more intimate experience, several video cameras placed strategically on her body followed her brushstrokes from varying angles while she was at work, Thus, the spectator stops being an onlooker and becomes a participant, able to see what the artist is seeing, feel what the artist is feeling.

A search of the horizon, on the one hand, brings the audience along with her physically and emocionally through every movement and brush stroke and, at the same time the artist does not let herself alone feel the freedom of going beyond the limits of the canvass. This new work can only be understood if you do not forget what is her stamp of identity – her constant neverending search for balance and beauty.

That was the objective.

The outcome was an enormous canvas 3,5 x 2 m and the main core of the exposition that followed. The painting in situ, where the artist tried to create a horizon that collected sensations drawing wáter and sky as an absolute freedom metaphor was named “No limits”. It became the central piece of the event around which the other works pivoted. The venue chosen was a wine cellar in the heart of the Duero valley, and provided the space for her works to float along this natural horizon with no limits which the artist reflects in her work.